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Welcome To The Stevenson Community Swimming Pool!

Everyone should learn to swim! Splish & Splash Swim Program is dedicated to providing a creative learning environment for the development of swimming and water safety skills. Our trained instructors create a fun atmosphere using patience, encouragement and technical expertise that build skills and confidence using safe techniques and praise. It's essential to develop swimming as a life long skill. Swimming is a fun, healthy exercise and developing competency opens the opportunity to safely enjoy other recreational water activities.

‚ÄčAdult “Stroke Improvement & Coaching”

Are you interested in becoming a better swimmer? Or maybe you are confident in your swimming abilities, but you just need some motivation and a good workout? Join us for a three-week trial session of our take on Masters Swimming! We meet three days a week for an hour, and focus on strength and endurance training, perfect for anyone wanting to get back into shape with a low-impact workout.


When: January 29th – February 16th, Mon/Wed/Fri from 5:30-6:30pm.


Where: Stevenson Community Pool


Cost: $45


There is no prerequisite for how well you must be able to swim. If you are concerned about your ability or have any questions or concerns please contact the pool manager today.

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